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Tips to clean your windows

In M&W we know that the cleanliness of your home is a fundamental and important factor, therefore, cleaning your windows is very important for your facade to look impeccable and the brightness of them allow your home to look different, however, if your windows are not cleaned properly it is very likely that they are stained or with marks on them; to prevent this from happening we bring you some key recommendations to make your windows always look impeccable.

Something that is important to know is that there are special tools that help you make your windows look shiny, for example, pressure washers are very useful tools to clean the windows of your home, because with the water pressure you can completely remove the stains from the glass and serve for high distances of your home, which allows you to reach without any effort to those places you did not know how to clean.
It is advisable to have two, one wet to remove stains, and another to dry, this is very important, especially if you are cleaning exterior glass, because if you only clean with the wet microfiber and not dry, most likely the marks will remain, it is also important that the dust is shaken off before cleaning because if you pass the wet microfiber with a lot of dust can scratch the glass and damage it.