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Building Washing

Commercial buildings are usually located in high-traffic areas. They’re subject to an onslaught of pollution, dirt, mildew, mold, bird droppings, and several other nasty substances. Over time, this layer of filth gives buildings a neglected air. Potential clients may equate this to a lack of success or care. Either way, a dirty façade damages the reputation of any business. Commercial building washing requires a lot of effort. Without the correct equipment and expertise, it may even be dangerous. M & W Pressure Cleaning provides your business with a workable alternative. Our professional team cleans every building from top to bottom. Let us take care of the grime so you can focus on serving your clients.
M & W Pressure Cleaning Kendall | Pressure washing a commercial location

Benefits of Commercial Building Washing

There are many advantages to calling in the professionals for your window cleaning needs. Below are just a few to keep in mind.

Commercial building washing makes your building look as good as new and translates into improved curb appeal.
Your clients and employees will be proud to go inside.
Mold and mildew release toxic spores that create an unsafe working environment. Employees and clients may even become ill after prolonged exposure. If your building is proven to be a hazardous working environment, you may face a liability issue.
Regular washing kills off existing growth and renders spores harmless. The cleaning supplies we use sanitize the building, killing off germs and disease-causing bacteria. We’ll help you keep your employees and clients safe.
Many companies put off cleaning their commercial buildings because it’s such a massive job. It’s also costly to handle the herculean task in-house. Firms have more important things to worry about.
M & W Pressure Cleaning helps businesses save time and money with their affordable building washing services. We allow you to focus on tasks that will generate more income while protecting the image of your business.
Acid rain costs American businesses millions of dollars in property damage annually. Rainwater mixes with contaminants in pollution, creating a corrosive substance that eventually crumbles even the toughest stone.
The roots of mold, mildew, and algae degrade the building’s surface over time.
The damage in both cases is irreversible. Regularly cleaning off mold and contaminants is an excellent preventative measure. By clearing away those substances, we don’t give them a chance to degrade the surface.
Your property not only looks cleaner, but it also lasts longer.

Why Choose Us?

We can clean any of the following surfaces:

  • M & W Pressure Cleaning utilizes the latest techniques, equipment, and materials to deliver outstanding results every time.
  • M & W Pressure Cleaning isn’t satisfied until you are. Our commitment to service excellence means that we don’t stop working until you agree that we are done.
  • M & W Pressure Cleaning is fully licensed, insured, and experienced. Our team is highly skilled in commercial washing and carefully evaluates each situation beforehand. We’ll select the safest, most effective techniques for the job and will not damage the building.

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M & W Pressure Cleaning uses state-of-the-art technology and the most up-to-date techniques to give your building a fresh look. Our expertise and experience make us the top choice for pressure washing in Miami.

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