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What is a pressure hose used for?


When We Talk About Water Pressure, We Usually Refer To The Force With Which It Comes Out Of The Faucets In Our Home, Whether From The Shower, Hoses, Faucet, Or Any Faucet, But The Pressure In The Hoses Is A Little Different. It Is Important To Know That The Pressure Of A Hose Does Not Define How Functional It Can Be Or Not, Since All Hoses Are Functional, And The Pressure They Support Only Defines The Characteristics Of Its Utility, For Example, You Can Not Use A Low Pressure Hose In Construction, Nor An Extreme Pressure Hose To Water The Grass Of A House.


Low Pressure Hoses:

Should Be Used Only In Jobs Where The Liquid Pressure Is Less Than 300 Pounds Per Inch (Psi), Generally Used To Pass Fuel, Lubricants With High Temperatures, Air, Antifreeze And Of Course Water.

Medium Pressure Hoses:

They Are Used To Transferring Oils, Minerals, Among Many Other Things, They Are Usually Quite Flexible And Are Also Used In Heavy Machinery, For Example, In Ranches, For Tractors, Or Trucks, Or In Other Places As Hydraulic Cylinders For Lifting Equipment, But These Are Just Some Examples, Since They Can Be Used In Many Other Places.

High Pressure Hoses:

Often Needed For High Pressure Work, For Example, For High Pressure Washing Or Other Machinery, They Range In Pressure From 1,825 To 6,000 Psi (Pounds Per Inch) And Commonly Have A Minimum Of Two High Tension Wire Mesh Reinforcements.
Extreme Pressure Hoses: This Type Of Hoses, As Its Name Says, Are Designed To Withstand High Pressure, And Withstand From 5,000 To 6,000 Psi, They Are Widely Used In Construction Or Heavy Machinery, These Can Have 4 To 6 Layers Of High Tension Steel Mesh.
When Purchasing A Hose, Be Sure To Ask The Pressure And Utilities Of The Same, So You Get A Useful Hose According To The Need Of Your Home Or Business.