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What type of vinegar should I use for cleaning my home?

We know that one of the most used products for cleaning your home is vinegar and that it is regularly a very effective product, however, in MW we want to tell you the differences between white vinegar and cleaning vinegar and which one is recommended for cleaning your home.

What is white vinegar?

White vinegar or distilled vinegar is a substance produced by the fermentation of pure alcohol, either from sugar cane, malt or corn, being this a very commercial product and easy to find in the markets, this is reduced with water to 5% or 10% for culinary use in salads or homemade recipes.

What is cleaning vinegar?

Among the types of vinegar, we find a special vinegar intended only for cleaning. This is a variant of white vinegar, but with a higher level of acidity, which makes it unfit for human consumption. While the acidity of white vinegar is between 3% and 5%, the one intended for cleaning has an acidity of 8% and is perfect for removing strong odors and stains in the home.

What are the main differences between the two?

Acidity: White vinegar has an acidity level of 3 to 5%. While cleaning, vinegar has an acidity level of 8%.

Stain removal: White vinegar helps with delicate stains caused by sauces, beverages or vinyl, while cleaning vinegar helps with dirt stains on exterior surfaces, ink stains and stains on surfaces such as furniture or carpets.

Insect repellent: As repellents, both are very effective, however, cleaning vinegar because of its level of acidity lasts longer on surfaces and is much stronger for insect resistance, thus causing the death of some with just the smell.

We know that cleaning your home is necessary at all times, so use vinegar cleaning for your home, it will make all the tasks easier and will allow you to have greater results with less effort.